North Carolina

My students use Essential Skills Software programs everyday. I use Reading Comprehension with 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. I incorporate it into my daily lesson plan. I would certainly say that it is impacting their reading. All of my 32 kids (3rd, 4th & 5th graders) passed their North Carolina End Grade Test.

Teresa Anderson, Special Education Teacher
Moss Hill Elementary, Kinston, North Carolina

ESS programs are some of the best programs I have found. Our students are using them at least once a week for 30 minutes. The programs are very, very user-friendly. Even the 1st graders can use them. I love the Marks Manager - it makes it easier for us to know what concepts they have mastered and what they need help with. I ordered 1 program to start with and once I saw the set up I ordered more. We now have 8 site licenses. I love the programs.

Teresa Ingram, Title I Teacher
Mars Hill Elementary, Marshall, North Carolina

Most of our K - 2 classes are using Essential Skills programs 30 minutes a week. Title I is using the programs with 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. The kids love the programs! I have just ordered more. I recommend the programs to others.

Doris Spencer, Computer Lab
Ponderosa Elementary, Fayetteville, North Carolina

We are using ESS programs in our literacy center. The kids use them every day and definitely like them - they don't realize they are learning. Our class has all different reading levels so we are using 3 different Leveled Reader programs.

Amanda Estes, Grade One Teacher
Blue Ridge Elementary, Warrensville, North Carolina

Our K - 2 students are using Essential Skills programs everyday. We have 6 site licenses. The Super Phonics programs are especially helpful in reinforcing their reading skills. The children find the programs very user-friendly. They love using the programs and they are really motivated by their own success.

Kathy Revels, Computer Teacher
Long Branch Elementary, Lumberton, North Carolina

I can't complement you enough on your software. Over 600 students are using your programs in our school, and they love it. They are enjoying learning while using these programs.

Benny Neely, Computer Lab Teacher
Oakboro Elementary, Oakboro, North Carolina

I use Essential Skills programs for assessment and to reinforce and complement the core teaching curriculum. They are very effective at teaching the basic skills required in language arts. The children enjoy the programs and can use them independently. I have more than 200 CDs of educational software and the programs from Essential Skills are by far my favorites.

Rebecca Henson, Special Education Resource
Farmer Elementary, Asheboro, North Carolina

The programs from Essential Skills are great for teaching the basic skills to children at all levels. The students are able to work at their own level and speed without a lot of supervision. The skills taught are in alignment with our core program curriculum. These programs make a real difference to our children.

Mrs. Shirley Kitt, Resource Teacher
Dabney Elementary, Henderson, North Carolina

We have programs from Essential Skills installed in all our classrooms for teachers of exceptional students. The children love using the programs because of the pace of reward and reinforcement provided. They work independently and successfully at their own level. These programs are an excellent supplement to what is being taught in the classroom.

Kerie O'Toole, Coordinator
Pasquotank Co S.D., Elizabeth City, North Carolina

The Essential Skills programs correlate nicely with our state requirements for language arts and math. They offer great practice and reinforcement of the skills we teach in the classroom. Our kids love the programs and they can work independently. All of the children in our school benefit from the support that these programs offer for practicing and reinforcing the basic skills.

Donna Steadman, Kindergarten Teacher
Mills Road Elementary School, Jamestown, North Carolina