North Dakota

I like the way it keeps a record of the children's progress. I also like that the programs constantly challenge the children to build their skills in a step by step manner. When the software is used consistently you are guaranteed to get measurable results.

Peggy Ereckson, Special Education Teacher
Tappen Elementary School, Tappen, North Dakota

I use Essential Skills everyday. Sight Words and Fun with Spelling are awesome programs. I always do a pretest and posttest with my students and the children always make measurable gains. The children love the software and the reinforcement. I love your software and spread the word at every opportunity.

Brenda LaPierre, Special Education
Twin Buttes Elementary, Halliday, North Dakota

We love your software and use it with our kids every day. These programs also really help the kids who are lower functioning and at the beginning stages of reading. The children respond well and are motivated to learn using the Essential Skills programs.

Del Quigley, Principal
Principal, Principal, North Dakota

I love your programs and have promoted them with many other Title I teachers. We use all levels of the Reading Comprehension series, the High-Low Readers, Mastering Numeration and Super Phonics. These programs do a great job of reinforcing skills and offer a great bang for your buck. The kids are always very motivated using this software. The use of graphics and reinforcement are excellent.

Kathy Feist, Title I Teacher
Lewis & Clark Elementary, Minot, North Dakota

We've been very happy with the programs from Essential Skills. I use Sight Words extensively. The Marks Manager is very helpful. These programs provide excellent practice and repetition. The students can work independently at their own level and pace. The students love the reward system and the skills seem appropriate and well aligned with the grade level curriculum.

Marjory Hochgraber, Title I and Reading Recovery
Hawthorne Elementary, Fargo, North Dakota

I think your software is very child friendly. The students find it motivating and challenging. It is a good supplement to the classroom program and great for repetition and reinforcement of skills. There is a lot to choose from with Essential Skills programs.

Andrea Hedberg, Title I Teacher
McKinley Elementary, Minot, North Dakota

Using Essential Skills software makes me feel better about the job I am doing as a teacher. The programs allow independent learning and they teach the specific skills my students need. The younger children don't even realize they are learning. They are actively engaged in learning whenever they are on the programs.

Kelly Torgerson, Title I Teacher
North Shore Elementary, Minot, North Dakota

This software works wonders and the kids love it. The children beg to use the programs. This is a great way of giving them practice without them knowing that they are really working. It beats the heck out of worksheets.

Mrs. Storkson, Title I Teacher
South Prairie Elementary, Minot, North Dakota

We use the math and reading titles from Essential Skills extensively. Our LD kids need the variety of visual and auditory skills offered in these programs. We like how you can pick specific skills to work on and how each program is customizable for all students regardless of their learning style or ability level.

Johnet Christianson, Title I Teacher
Dakota Elementary, Minot, North Dakota

We have been using Essential Skills programs daily for several years. We like being able to focus on specific skills that are aligned to our curriculum. The programs are great for supporting RTI tier 2 as well as supplementing and reinforcing regular classroom instruction. Essential skills are an important component of our language arts curriculum.

Linda Kessler, Reading and Math Specialist
Washington Elementary, Jamestown, North Dakota