You can't find better value for programs to help children with their basic reading skills then the programs from Essential Skills. These programs have more content then some programs costing ten times as much.

Stephen Fogo, Principal
Principal, Principal, Ohio

Your software has been a joy to work with! The children LOVE it and I just can't stop finding new ways to utilize it. I was having a hard time finding software that was tutorial, interactive on my Smart Board and still an assessment tool when working individually. Your software meets all those needs. Every child is engaged in learning when we are using your programs. The assessment tools have been invaluable. I use the well organized information to target my intervention goals. I appreciate the objective breakdowns and graphing features. It is wonderful to be able to clearly show progress or areas of difficulty to parents during conferences. In my classroom your software is truly essential!

Nadine Draper, Teacher
Arrowhead Primary, Copley, Ohio

The software from Essential Skills is the backbone of instruction in our computer lab. We have used it every day for at least five years. We have at least 200 students from grades K - 5 using one or more of the eight literacy programs every week. These programs are great at building the skills children need to learn to read. The students don't even realize they are learning. The reading comprehension programs do a great job of teaching all the comprehension and related vocabulary skills to students at all levels of ability.

Vicki Wentzel, Computer Lab
Central Elementary School, Napoleon, Ohio

We've been using the Essential Skills programs in Kindergarten through fifth grade on a regular basis for the past four years. The teachers speak very highly of these programs. The kids are always engaged by them. This software has run for years on our school server without any technical problems.

John Hammond, Technology Coordinator
St. Paul Lutheran School, Napoleon, Ohio

We use the software daily, especially with the lower grades. In grades one to three we use Super Phonics, Sight Words, Reading Comprehension and Spelling Stumpers. For the older kids we use Vocabulary Builders and Grammar. Everyone likes the Essential Skills programs and the price is more than reasonable for the site license. There is a great deal of content in each program so you get a lot for your money. The programs are easy to individualize to meet the needs of students at all levels. The kids are always happy to use this software and they like that they can work at their own pace.

Mrs. Dickel, Computer Teacher
St. Augustine School, Barberton, Ohio

We have been using ESS for three years now. In K-2 we use Phonemic Awareness, Super Phonics and Mastering Numeration. The children really like the software. They like getting the stars and rewards for mastering the skills. I like being able to zero in on the skills they need and individualize the program for them. I feel that the software is really making a difference for the children. We feel that these programs support the Ohio state standards.

Cathy Bishop, Kindergarten Teacher
Liberty Center Elementary, Liberty Center, Ohio

Essential Skills programs are being used everyday in our primary computer lab by at least four classes. They are easy to use and easy for the kids to follow. The students enjoy using them and like the immediate feedback. This software is definitely teaching them the early reading skills they need.

Barbara Frank, Instructional Assistant
Vivian L. Smith Elementary, Berea, Ohio

The Essential Skills Super Phonics and Sight Words programs are used by approximately 400 K to grade two students daily. We are really pleased with the resulting higher scores the children are getting. The phonics, sight word, and spelling scores have all gone up. Our Diebels scores show marked improvement. These programs are also very easy to use and kid friendly. I highly recommend them.

Shona Ross, Grade One Teacher
Northwest Elementary, McDermott, Ohio

I use a variety of Essential Skills programs every day with special needs students. They are excellent and are definitely making a difference for my students. I would highly recommend these programs to other teachers.

Mr. Grant, Intervention Specialist
Bell Haven Elementary, Dayton, Ohio

The Essential Skills programs are very easy for the children to navigate because of the clear directions and the easy to follow menus. I never have to pause during my instruction with the rest of the class. The skills follow the curriculum very well and the programs effectively teach the language arts skills that the children need. It is a great tool for teaching and reinforcement. The children always choose to do Essential Skills when they are done their other tasks. When they talk about the favorite part of the day they often say getting stars on the Essential Skills programs.

Lisa Tinsley, Grade One Teacher
Heritage Elementary, Pickerington, Ohio