Our students benchmark reading levels have improved dramatically since we started using the Early Literacy Programs from Essential Skills. Our kids are enjoying these programs thoroughly and are developing confidence in their ability to read and understand what they are reading.

Anna Alexander, Principal
Lansdowne Public School, Lansdowne, Ontario

The programs are easy to use and the children love them. There is lots of enthusiasm from the students. I have recommended these programs to other teachers in my school and district. I think they are wonderful.

Katherine McLeod, Teacher
Harold F Loughin Public School, Brampton, Ontario

The students are lining up at the door to use the Essential Skills Programs. It's a very different way of teaching, and the children love it!

Carol Birnie, Teacher
Moosonee Public School, Moosonee, Ontario

Reading levels improved for all students. The PM Benchmark assessment from Nelson Publications indicated increases from 3 levels to 10 levels which translates to a one and a half grade level increase.

Dorothy Lapierre, Grade One Teacher
Westminster Public School, Brockville, Ontario

I have been working with children with special needs and I love watching them work with these programs. I really would like to tell you that it is revolutionary in aiding children with exceptionalities- well done!

Terry Wall, Teacher
Renfrew, Ontario

Students love the programs! They are easy to use, and highly motivational.

Dan Brumm, Teacher
Calabogie Public School, Calibogie, Ontario

The kids really love these programs. We have been using them with great success for years. Our teachers particularly love the marks manager reporting system.

Wendy Ness-Jack, Early Literacy Teacher
D.M. Sutherland P.S., Woodstock, Ontario

We love your products.

Nell Vanurennout, Teacher
Trinity Christian School, Burlington, Ontario

As the principal of an elementary school with a limited curriculum budget you cannot find better value than the programs from Essential Skills to help students develop their basic reading and math skills.

Stephen Elliott, Principal
Nationview Public School, South Mountain, Ontario

These programs are clearly designed by teachers who understand how to maximize student learning. We are very pleased with the results.

Alf Platts, Special Education Teacher
New Dublin Public School, New Dublin, Ontario

Your programs are phenomenal. My students can work independently and they see their success immediately.

Sharon Grey, Teacher
Edward Street Public School, St.Thomas, Ontario

I have recommended your programs to many teachers. My students love them! The repetition and immediate rewards along with the familiar formats benefit all my students from the young children to the older adults I work with. These programs offer a great variety of activities that utilize both visual and auditory learning channels. Thank you!

Frances Butcher, Literacy Instructor/Retired Teacher
Simco, Ontario

I work with adults with severe learning difficulties and they are experiencing great satisfaction and success with the programs from Essential Skills. These adults often have little or no computer experience but they are quickly able to use the programs easily and independently. This software definitely fosters their self confidence and motivation to learn. I test progress on an ongoing basis and my students make steady progress.

Bev Wright, Teacher
Warkworth Correctional Institution, Campbellford, Ontario

Being able to individualize these programs to suit the ability level of each student makes a big difference. If we could put every student in the school on these programs for 15-20 minutes per day we would significantly improve reading comprehension scores throughout our school.

Gerlando Sdao, IT instructor and ESL Teacher
Derrydown PS, Toronto, Ontario

These programs are an essential, daily part of my Special Education resource program. They develop phonetic awareness and word recognition skills in my students, leading to improved reading and comprehension skills. My students find the software very enjoyable and never tire of it. This software is very user friendly and the student progress tracking device is great for conferencing with teachers and reporting to parents.

Mr. Brian Herman, Teacher
Humewood Community School, TDSB Toronto, Ontario

Over the past four years I have purchased thirty programs from Essential Skills and use them on a daily basis with students experiencing literacy difficulties. I love the way these programs motivate my students and cover the basic skills in such a thorough and logical manner. The instructions for each program are clear and easy to follow. This software is extremely effective in the development and retention of basic reading and math skills for students. I highly recommend these programs!

Katharine Leverette, SST
Perth Road PS., Limestone SB, Ontario

Some programs are not easy for students to understand, yet the Essential Skills series is designed for independent student use - even the Special Education students who sometimes require additional support. The varied games made the student feel as if he was not doing work in spelling, but simply playing the games! They really enjoyed the review at the end of each session. Looking at their success rate and percentages was rewarding for them, and they would compare levels achieved!

Carol Craigen, Special Education Resource Teacher
Elgin Public School, Elgin, Ontario

The data I collected was gathered by doing a simple pre-test and post-test. To add to this I had each student do a decoding test (San Diego Quick Assessment) in September and again in June. This assessment tells me at what grade level a student can decode. As you can see the most remarkable results are from a student who has been using the Super Phonics program for two years. He went from a Grade 1 level to a Grade 5 level!

Judy MacDonald, Grade Teacher
Durham District Community School, Ontario

I just wanted to let you know how well the Essential Skills computer programs work. I have been using the Super Phonics and Sight Words programs with my students. The grade one's, who are very needy, have been using Super Phonics. This program has been able to provide the children with the repetition that is required for these students. Most of these children have attention problems, but with this program they continue to work without distraction. In the Sight Words program the children are trying to remember how to spell. It is great to listen to them making up their own way to remember how to spell the words! They would not do this on their own if you gave them a list of words to study. The grade three's reading fluency has improved since they do not struggle over the sight words. This has also improved their self-confidence when reading.

C. Fox, Primary Special Education Teacher
Westminster Public School, Brockville, Ontario

Algonquin School is very happy with the Essential Skills Programs we've been using since February. The students I see for resource assistance are always so keen to join me in the computer lab to work on the Sight Words lists. They yell out to me with enthusiasm when all of their stars are complete and yellow.

Margot Snow, Special Education Resource Teacher

Your programs are AWESOME! They are helping our students tremendously.

William Young, Teacher
Kern Avenue School, Ontario

The reading comprehension programs are excellent! The stories are very well written and the auditory cues guarantee success for early readers.

Gordon Muir, Grade 4 Teacher
Harrowsmith Elementary, Ontario

As a grade three teacher and a member of our district computer advisory committee, I have used Super Phonics extensively. It is an interesting, well designed program that I would recommend as a teaching or remedial tool.

Roy Evans,
Upper Canada District School Board, Ontario

We think the programs from Essential Skills are great! I bought a couple last year and have expanded to more than ten programs this year. Our SERTs use the programs daily. The students love using the programs. We have noticed a definite improvement in student skill levels. The Math programs align perfectly with the math strands and teach the concepts in a way that is accessible to all students regardless of their ability. Our ESL students are making excellent progress using the ESL program. This software offers tremendous value and is very user friendly.

Susan Palmer, Vice Principal
Oscar Peterson PS, Stouffville, Ontario

We love the evaluation component of Essential Skills programs and use it for conferencing. The Assessment programs are a great way to do a controlled, authentic, whole class assessment. I am very fond of the Super Phonics and Reading Comprehension programs for early literacy learning. I get terrific feedback from my teachers and the kids never get bored with the wide variety of activities within the programs.

Jim Holstrom, Teacher/Network Manager
Burnt Elementary, Brampton, Ontario

Essential Skills software is a vital part of our programming for a wide range of student needs at varying ability levels. We use about eight programs every day. We have been using some of the older programs for almost 10 years. It is a great tool to use, even with the autistic kids. It allows for individualized and independent skills development. The older students who are working at a younger level can work at these programs without rejecting them as being babyish.

Debbie Moss, Special Education Teacher
Marshall Park PS, North Bay, Ontario

We use a variety of programs from Essential Skills. The students really enjoy them. The programs are bright, colorful, very appealing and make learning fun. They develop the students comprehension and word analysis skills and the students are applying their learning and transferring the skills back into the classroom.

Colleen Le Brun, Core Resource Teacher
Blessed John XXIII School, Markham, Ontario

I have been using Essential Skills three times a week for at least five years with my students. I love the programs because they are focused, with no nonsense, and cover the curriculum skills so thoroughly. The children love the variety of visual, auditory and tactile activities that the programs offer. They also enjoy being able to see their results at the end of each session. These programs are a great value and I recommend them to other teachers.

Jane Andree, Resource Teacher
Dunnville Christian School, Dunnville, Ontario

Your programs are excellent. I have used them consistently for many years. They keep track of student progress and provide immediate reward and feedback. The programs use a wide variety of multi sensory approaches and are excellent for students with learning difficulties. They provide excellent reinforcement to the skills taught in the classroom.

Rita Petrocco, Resource Teacher
Holy Cross School (Lighthouse School), Kemptville, Ontario

Your programs are very effective for helping students get a better grasp of their alphabet, phonics, sight words, spelling and vocabulary. All our preschool children enjoy using the programs daily. Our ESL students use the programs to help them with their vocabulary and our primary teachers use them to reinforce their classroom curriculum. These programs have made a real difference for the students.

Janet Norris, EA
Arthur Ford School (Lighthouse School), London, Ontario

The Reading Comprehension programs from Essential Skills allow the children to work independently at their own level and pace. These programs are very much suited to children of all ability levels. They are great for building and reinforcing new vocabulary. They also build self esteem, and academic self confidence, especially in the reluctant readers.

Rosemary Smith, Grade 3 Teacher
St. Andrew's School (Lighthouse School), Oakville, Ontario

We love the programs from Essential Skills. They are very good at addressing our literacy concerns. We use them in the literacy centre, in the computer lab and in our after school intervention program. These programs are absolutely making a difference with our kids. They are a wonderful intervention piece, helping us sustain our role as a lighthouse school.

Yolanda Esposito, Vice-Principal
St. Andrew's School (Lighthouse School), Oakville, Ontario

The kids really like the Essential Skills programs and are using them twice a week. They are very involved with them when they are on the computer. The teachers feel the programs are making a real difference.

Kenny Moccasin, Computer Lab
Saulteaux First Nation, Saulteaux Heritage School, Cochin, Ontario

Some of our primary and junior students are using Essential Skills programs every day. Our special education students are using the programs quite often. We use the programs as part of our literacy campaign. The Marks Manager is very easy to use. We would like to upgrade our licenses to labs or sites.

John Metcalf, Teacher
Eabametoong Authority, J C Yesno Ed. Centre, Eabamet Lake, Ontario

We are using Essential Skills programs regularly. We really enjoy the programs. The kids are getting a lot out of them. Phonemic Awareness is a favorite of both mine and the children.

Angela Johnson, Kindergarten Teacher
Delaware Nation, Moravian Day School, Thamesville, Ontario

We are using Essential Skills programs two to three times a week with our special needs kids. The programs are user friendly and motivating. I have seen real improvements with their short vowels and long vowels. We really like the reading programs - Leveled Readers Primer, Reading Comprehension, Readiness Skills and Super Phonics. I really appreciate having the Marks Manager.

Sally Rowat, Teacher
Waabshki Penasi School, Dryden, Ontario