I work with adults with severe learning difficulties and they are experiencing great satisfaction and success with the programs from Essential Skills. These adults often have little or no computer experience but they are quickly able to use the programs easily and independently. This software definitely fosters their self confidence and motivation to learn. I test progress on an ongoing basis and my students make steady progress.

Bev Wright, Teacher
Warkworth Correctional Institution, Campbellford, Ontario

Your programs are very effective for helping students get a better grasp of their alphabet, phonics, sight words, spelling and vocabulary. All our preschool children enjoy using the programs daily. Our ESL students use the programs to help them with their vocabulary and our primary teachers use them to reinforce their classroom curriculum. These programs have made a real difference for the students.

Janet Norris, EA
Lighthouse School, London, Ontario

We think the programs from Essential Skills are great! I bought a couple last year and have expanded to more than ten programs this year. Our SERTs use the programs daily. The students love using the programs. We have noticed a definite improvement in student skill levels. The Math programs align perfectly with the math strands and teach the concepts in a way that is accessible to all students regardless of their ability. Our ESL students are making excellent progress using the ESL program. This software offers tremendous value and is very user friendly.

Susan Palmer, Lead SERT
Cornell Village PS, Markham, Ontario

Being able to individualize these programs to suit the ability level of each student makes a big difference. If we could put every student in the school on these programs for 15-20 minutes per day we would significantly improve reading comprehension scores throughout our school.

Gerlando Sdao, IT instructor and ESL Teacher
Derrydown PS, Toronto, Ontario

Our students' benchmark reading levels have improved dramatically since we started using the Early Literacy Programs from Essential Skills. Our kids are enjoying these programs thoroughly and are developing confidence in their ability to read and understand what they are reading.

Anna Alexander, Principal
Principal, Principal, Ontario

As the principal of an elementary school with a limited curriculum budget you can't find better value than the programs from Essential Skills to help students develop their basic reading and math skills.

Stephen Elliott, Principal
Principal, Principal, Ontario

The programs are easy to use and the children love them. There is lots of enthusiasm from the students. I have recommended these programs to other teachers in my school and district. I think they are wonderful.

Katherine McLeod, Teacher
Harold F Loughin Public School, Brampton, Ontario

The students are lining up at the door to use the Essential Skills Programs. It's a very different way of teaching, and the children love it!

Carol Birnie, Teacher
Moosonee Public School, Moosonee, Ontario

Reading levels improved for all students. The PM Benchmark assessment from Nelson Publications indicated increases from 3 levels to 10 levels which translates to a one and a half grade level increase.

Dorothy Lapierre, Grade One Teacher
Westminster Public School, Brockville, Ontario

I have been working with children with special needs and I love watching them work with these programs. I really would like to tell you that it is revolutionary in aiding children with exceptionalities- well done!

Terry Wall, Teacher
Renfrew, Ontario
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