Your programs are high-interest programs and are very student and teacher friendly. Students can work independently. These are very good programs. We use them once a week.

Dean Seward, Special Education Teacher
Huntington School, Huntington, Oregon

We love ESS programs. Our students are using them for 20 minutes everyday. They are user friendly and we like the visuals. We feel that the programs are impacting our students' learning.

Gail Spears, Title I Teacher
Myrtle Creek Elementary, Myrtle Creek, Oregon

We are a Beacon School for the state of Oregon and have done an exemplary job implementing Oregon Reading First. We use the Super Phonics programs from Essential Skills on a regular basis with Title I students. The programs are well organized in terms of the sequencing, practice and reinforcement of skill instruction. They are excellent programs to supplement classroom work.

Candice Julien, Title I Teacher
Jefferson Elementary, Medford, Oregon

We are very happy with student's results. The students and teachers love the programs.

Melodie Safford, Librarian
State Line Elementary, New Pine Creek, Oregon

With Essential Skills Software the students can work independently at their own level on the reading and math skills they need. The students and teachers love the software.

Dan Blaydon, Grade One Teacher
Hoover Elementary, Medford, Oregon

We have 2 computers in our classroom. The kids rotate using them. Someone is using ESS programs every day. They are used as a station in our reading group. I find the programs to be a good assessment tool. The programs are easy to use and easy to hear. I think the Marks Manager is very good. I am so happy with ESS compared to the programs we were using last year - the children are learning, not just saving a princess in the castle! I am very, very happy with your products.

Jo Bunch, Grade 2 Teacher
Faith Bible Christian School, Aloha, Oregon

We have 7 ESS spelling programs form grade 1 to 6. The Grade 1 & 2students use the programs on a weekly basis for 1 to 2 hours. We like the ability to customize spelling lists. The programs are user friendly and I have noticed improvements in the students' work.

Heidi Fettinger, Grade Six Teacher
Suntex Elementary, Riley, Oregon

We chose Sight Words and Vocabulary Builders 3 because we thought that 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade would be able to use them. The programs have met a lot of needs - we love them. The 1st & 2nd graders are using the programs 25-30 minutes a day in a lab setting. The 3rd graders are using Vocabulary Builders for 30 minutes twice a week. The kids love them - even their typing has improved! I like the Marks Manager because the activities are all listed. We are really excited about your programs.

Carol Owen, Title I/Kindergarten
Fremont Hay Elementary, Lakeview, Oregon

Super Phonics and Sight Words are great programs. I can't wait until we get more Essential Skills in our school. My kids always look forward to using the programs. I like that they are learning the skills they need.

Patti McCambridge, Special Ed. Assistant
Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Medford, Oregon

Our school was recently invited to become a Beacon School for Oregon. One of the programs I use daily with my students is Sight Words. The higher grades use the Super Phonics and Reading Comprehensions. They provide the children with immediate feedback and reinforcement. They are well paced and very user friendly. There is lots of practice and repetition of the skills. The children are able to work independently and at their own level. Super Phonics is an excellent supplemental program to my direct classroom instruction. My kids love these programs!

Shellie Schaan, First Grade Teacher
Jefferson Elementary, Medford, Oregon