My special needs students use the programs from Essential Skills on a daily basis. Even my autistic students are able to do the activities and move on their own from level to level. The programs are user friendly, and the curriculum is well paced and presented in a colorful, appealing way that makes learning fun for students with learning difficulties. These programs are perfect for individualized, independent instruction.

Lori Koroluk, Special Education Teacher
Chelsea Elementary, Chateauguay, Québec

We purchased Sight Words and Super Phonics seven years ago when I was a grade one teacher. We have used these programs to reinforce the teaching of word recognition and phonics skills ever since. We use them often with students in the regular classroom as well as students with learning disabilities. These are terrific programs and a great supplement to our classroom instruction. They totally reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.

Sandy Ross, Grade 3 Teacher
Sutton School, Sutton, Québec

I love the programs from Essential Skills and have used them for remediation purposes every single day for the past six years. The kids love them and feel successful when using the programs. They learn and practice in a fun way but the students do retain the skills they have learned and transfer them back to the regular classroom. These programs are ideal for individualizing the program to the needs of each child.

Gloria Lamothe, Special Education Teacher
Greendale Elementary, Pierrefonds, Québec

Our special needs classes have used programs from Essential Skills for on a daily basis for six years. We currently have 15 programs. These programs are totally user friendly and ideal for independent learning. My students have made substantial gains in their skill development and benefit greatly from the Essential Skills curriculum. The students always look forward to using this software and see using it as a reward.

Tara Fisher, Special Education Teacher
St. Willibrord School, Gatineau, Québec

We have been buying programs from Essential Skills for the past six years and my students still use the programs every day. They keep the attention of the students and teach the skills in an orderly manner. Time is essential and software has to be an effective teaching tool. I work with the children who are really struggling academically and this software is very motivational to them. The students have shown excellent progress in their reading and writing skills from using these programs. I also like the Marks Manager and how it tracks and reports on student progress. I highly recommend Essential Skills programs to other teachers.

Susan OÕKeefe, Resource Teacher
Laurentia School, St.Jerome, Québec

We are very pleased with the math Numeration programs and with the Sight Words programs from Essential Skills. The children love them and benefit from them. These programs don't replace good teaching, but they do supplement it. They promote and reinforce the correct practice of academic skills. I like the reinforcement that the programs give to students and the reporting features are excellent! The variety of auditory, visual and kin-esthetic activities makes success possible for most students.

Ruth Hicks, Special Education Teacher
Pierre E. Trudeau School, Gatineau, Québec

We use Essential Skills programs everyday in Special Education. They are user friendly for kids with dyslexia and fine motor control problems. The kids really take to the computer approach. The Marks Manager is very helpful to see how they are advancing. It is also a good tool to help with diagnostics. We love Sight Words and High Low Readers!

Tom Yetman, Special Education Teacher
Waapihtiiwewan School, Ouje Bougoumou, Québec