Title I

The children are using Essential Skills programs for 30 minutes everyday. The first graders are using Super Phonics and Sight Words. Second and third grade are using Reading Comprehension. Our teachers really like the Marks Management system for tracking and reporting of progress. I think the programs are very good.

Marsha Wilson, Title I Reading Teacher
Hamilton Elementary, Hamilton, Alabama

Essential Skills programs are used daily at our school. The children enjoy practicing and learning their reading skills and the teachers love the way the programs record and track student progress.

Margie Walkman, Title I Technician
Nelson Elementary, Scottsboro, Alabama

I love Essential Skills programs. They are very supportive of our Alabama Reading Initiative goals. The kids focus right in on them. Our Reading Coaches are all sold on this software. We are very impressed.

Denice Simmons, Title I Teacher
North Roebuck Elementary, Birmingham, Alabama

We feel your software is a great teaching and practise tool for basic skills across the curriculum. We love the software because it's really helping our students. Our Word Study skills on the SAT test were low, but we did intensive work with the Essential Skills programs and our SAT scores went up. The marks management system is easy to use and does a good job of keeping track of student progress. These started out as programs for Title I students but now all of our classrooms are using Essential Skills.

Carolyn Deerman, Title I Teacher
Nelson Elementary, Scottsboro, Alabama

We have used Essential Skills programs daily for five years with 40-50 Title I students. I like that the students can work independently at their own level with lots of reinforcement and repetition for each of the skills they are learning. This extra practice is just what they need to remediate areas of weakness in their academic development. This software is an excellent supplement to the classroom courses of study.

Lisa Wiginton, Reading Resource Teacher
Hamilton Elementary, Hamilton, Alabama

We use Super Phonics, Spelling Stumpers and Fun With Spelling on a daily basis with our Kindergarten through grade six students. These programs offer a good variety of instructional methods for different learning styles and a very comprehensive set of skills. They are very well organized and well balanced in the presentation and reinforcement of literacy skills. The children can hardly wait to get to these programs and once they start they want to finish. It really keeps them involved. I think every classroom should have these programs.

Shirley Johnson, Title I Teacher
San Xavier Mission School, Tuscon, Arizona

We use Readiness Skills, Phonemic Awareness, Super Phonics and High-Low Readers regularly with our K-2 students. I like the programs because they are not too gamey and they have a clear skill focus that guarantees the children learn the skills presented. The programs are a valuable and essential component of our school response to intervention.

Donna Stokes, Title I Reading Specialist
Tonalea Elementary, Scottsdale, Arizona

Essential Skills programs are very affordable. The students enjoy working on them and the phonics software fits in well with our curriculum. The programs are used by 200 students daily at our school. We have several site licenses and feel that they are an excellent value. I love the sequencing of skills and the variety of activities for the children to work on. The ability to place students at their own instructional level and have them work independently is great. Our students are definitely making gains using Essential Skills.

Barbara Vinyard, Title I Teacher
Walter Douglas School, Tucson, Arizona

The software from Essential Skills is used for the Title I reading program with students who are at risk of failing. They are wonderful programs! Our assessments show significant literacy growth. The programs are very coherent and very sequential, leading the students to acquire the basic skills they need one step at a time. These programs offer excellent skill preparation for the California Achievement Test.

Virginia Martinez, Title I Resource Teacher
Ben Hulse School, Imperial, California

We love the Essential Skills programs! We use them in our after school intervention programs and throughout the day in the computer lab. We originally bought them for our EL students to use but found they were so successful, we started using them with all our students. Our school raised their tests this past year, and it was due in part to extra practice of basic skills that the Essential Skills programs offer.

Tracy Battson, Title I Teacher
Peter J. Shields Elementary, Rancho Cordova, California

Essential Skills software is a big part of our intervention program. The programs are used with 240 students. I love how effectively they reinforce the skills that we are teaching. They provide lots of stimulating practice and keep the children's interest. We are seeing a lot of progress with student test scores. The Essential Skills programs are the most important and consistent of the supplementary instructional tools we use.

Mrs. Tammy Cholly, Title I Coordinator
Mariana Elementary, Apple Valley, California

I use these programs quite a bit and think that they are very beneficial to Title I students and regular classroom kids as well. We are very happy with the results. We feel that these programs are having a direct impact on the progress of our children

Trisha Freeman, Title I Teacher
Borah Elementary, Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

We use Essential Skills software to prepare our students for State testing. The skills taught align very well with the State standards. The children love the programs and don't even realize how much they are learning

Pat Rod, Title I Teacher
North Hill Elementary, Burlington, Iowa

The Essential Skills programs allow my students to work independently. There is no training required even for our youngest students. These programs teach and reinforce the skills my children need. I love the programs and so do the kids.

Denise Williams, Title I Teacher
Colfax-Mingo Elementary, Colfax, Iowa

Our K - 2 students are using ESS programs twice a week. The Title I and Resource students are also using the programs. I feel they have greatly helped the majority of our students. I would recommend your programs.

Denise Kempke, Grade I Teacher
Claflin Elementary, Claflin, Kansas

I think ESS programs are very helpful. The kids like them and use them at least once or twice each week. They really enjoy learning their sight words this way.

Virginia Gibson, Title I Teacher
Greeley County School, Tribune, Kansas

Your programs are great and they correlate well to the state guidelines for language arts.

Connie Potts, Title I Coordinator
Claflin USD #354, Claflin, Kansas

The Essential Skills programs are being used on a regular basis in our computer lab and in our grade 1-4 classrooms. The kids love the programs and think they are playing even though they are practicing and learning important skills. These programs are an excellent supplement to our classroom Language Arts program. They are used as a learning tool with the more needy kids and as reinforcement for others. The ease of use and range of skills provided make these programs accessible to all students regardless of ability.

Linda Winslow, Title I Teacher
Edgewood Elementary, Fruitport, Michigan

We use Essential Skills programs everyday with our students. We think they are very effective.

Nancy Johnson, Title I Teacher
Jumpertown Elementary, Booneville, Mississippi

We use the Essential Skills programs with our K-2 students on a daily basis. They are used in the afterschool program as well. We like the way the way the programs reward and reinforce student learning. The Marks Manager for tracking and reporting student achievement is very useful to us as well. Ever since we started using the programs for reading intervention with our first and second grade students, we have seen that our third and fourth grade students are much more ready to learn.

Principal and Title I reading teacher,
Canyon Elementary, Columbia Falls, Montana

ESS programs are some of the best programs I have found. Our students are using them at least once a week for 30 minutes. The programs are very, very user-friendly. Even the 1st graders can use them. I love the Marks Manager - it makes it easier for us to know what concepts they have mastered and what they need help with. I ordered 1 program to start with and once I saw the set up I ordered more. We now have 8 site licenses. I love the programs.

Teresa Ingram, Title I Teacher
Mars Hill Elementary, Marshall, North Carolina

I love your programs and have promoted them with many other Title I teachers. We use all levels of the Reading Comprehension series, the High-Low Readers, Mastering Numeration and Super Phonics. These programs do a great job of reinforcing skills and offer a great bang for your buck. The kids are always very motivated using this software. The use of graphics and reinforcement are excellent.

Kathy Feist, Title I Teacher
Lewis & Clark Elementary, Minot, North Dakota

We've been very happy with the programs from Essential Skills. I use Sight Words extensively. The Marks Manager is very helpful. These programs provide excellent practice and repetition. The students can work independently at their own level and pace. The students love the reward system and the skills seem appropriate and well aligned with the grade level curriculum.

Marjory Hochgraber, Title I and Reading Recovery
Hawthorne Elementary, Fargo, North Dakota

I think your software is very child friendly. The students find it motivating and challenging. It is a good supplement to the classroom program and great for repetition and reinforcement of skills. There is a lot to choose from with Essential Skills programs.

Andrea Hedberg, Title I Teacher
McKinley Elementary, Minot, North Dakota

Using Essential Skills software makes me feel better about the job I am doing as a teacher. The programs allow independent learning and they teach the specific skills my students need. The younger children don't even realize they are learning. They are actively engaged in learning whenever they are on the programs.

Kelly Torgerson, Title I Teacher
North Shore Elementary, Minot, North Dakota

This software works wonders and the kids love it. The children beg to use the programs. This is a great way of giving them practice without them knowing that they are really working. It beats the heck out of worksheets.

Mrs. Storkson, Title I Teacher
South Prairie Elementary, Minot, North Dakota

We love the programs from Essential Skills. Four Title I Teachers in our school use the software on a regular basis every week. The Reading Comprehension programs are loaded with content are great for practicing and reinforcing what has been taught in the classroom. Super Phonics and the other reading programs correlate perfectly with our reading curriculum and Title I program. These programs have made a difference in remediate students weaknesses. Also, the students love the programs and look forward to using them.

Denise Murray, Title I Reading Teacher
William E. Lancaster Elementary, Salem, New Hampshire

We are using ESS programs in the Title I program and the reading program. We sure have seen improvement in our students' performance. We like the Marks Manager as we can see where a student is having difficulty and have them work on those skills. Our grade one students are spending 30 minutes a day 4 times a week with the programs. The kids caught on right away how to use the programs and really look forward to using them.

Doris Jeantete, Educational Assistant
Taos Elementary, Taos, New Mexico

The 1st graders are using Essential Skills programs as a supplement to the reading curriculum. We have used the programs in Special Ed and I am using them with 1st and 2nd graders for Title I and reading.

Beth Fields, Title I Reading Teacher
Del Norte Elementary, Roswell, New Mexico

We are using the Reading Comprehension programs in the Title I Reading Lab for the 3rd to 5th grades once or twice a week for 30 minutes and when they have free time. The students are eager to get to the computer

Janet Barlow, Title I Teacher
Tombaugh Elementary, Las Cruces, New Mexico

We have been using Essential Skills programs for four years. They are very well rounded programs and I see the children making excellent progress. The Marks Manager keeps track of the students' progress, records their scores and prints cumulative reports. The programs are very child friendly and the students are always motivated. They can work at their own level and pace.

Ida Perez, Title I Teacher
Grand Heights ECC, Artesia, New Mexico

I have used this software on a weekly basis for the past three years with my Title I students. My kids really enjoy working through the different activities in the programs. The combination of auditory, visual and tactile approaches is great for my kids. I like the ease of use for the children, as well as the repetition and reinforcement of each concept. The skills taught in these programs very much complement my classroom curriculum.

Debbie Collins, Title I Coordinator
Adair School, Adair, Oklahoma

We love ESS programs. Our students are using them for 20 minutes everyday. They are user friendly and we like the visuals. We feel that the programs are impacting our students' learning.

Gail Spears, Title I Teacher
Myrtle Creek Elementary, Myrtle Creek, Oregon

We are a Beacon School for the state of Oregon and have done an exemplary job implementing Oregon Reading First. We use the Super Phonics programs from Essential Skills on a regular basis with Title I students. The programs are well organized in terms of the sequencing, practice and reinforcement of skill instruction. They are excellent programs to supplement classroom work.

Candice Julien, Title I Teacher
Jefferson Elementary, Medford, Oregon

Our children all love these programs. When you talk about direct instruction this software has it down cold. Each program leads the children through the skills in a sequential, step by step manner, keeping track of their progress and where they left off. The children feel so successful and rightly so. They know that they really are learning.

Kathleen Liartis, Title I Teacher
David Leech Elementary, Leechburg, Pennsylvania

The programs from Essential Skills are great at teaching children at all ability levels. I found the most improvement in student behavior when using these programs. My students have a lot of behavior and attention deficit problems but these programs keep their interest and attention completely. This is the number one curriculum software that I use with my students.

Sherrie Reuter, Title I Teacher
Kerr Elementary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We have eleven ESS programs and I use them as an incentive with my students. The "main idea" questions in Reading Comprehension are very good. The students are enjoying the programs and their vocabulary skills are improving.

Corrine Lovett, Title I Teacher
Hitchcock School, Hitchcock, South Dakota

We were a targeted school in reading two years ago and I really believe that the Essential Skills programs played a significant role in helping to bring our scores up. Last year based on our Tennessee Comprehensive Academic Testing scores we were ranked the third highest school in the county.

Carol Chastain, Title I Reading
Rockford Elementary, Rockford, Tennessee

The children can manage the software themselves and the software returns them to where they left off the day before. I have nine classes of children and the fact that The Marks Manager is central for all the programs makes it easy for me to manage. This software absolutely makes a huge difference in the acquisition of their reading skills.

Paula Lambert, Title I Teacher
Cornersville Elementary, Cornersville, Tennessee

We use the programs on a regular basis with all our grade one and two students. I am really impressed with Essential Skills. I think that all the programs are very beneficial to the students and as a bonus, they love the software. We feel that these programs are a great complement to the classroom curriculum. There are many different approaches within each program to meet the different styles of our students. We have been more than pleased with the software. It has been a great supplemental tool for all of our students.

Anne Pierce, Title I Reading Teacher
Jackson Elementary, Kingsport, Tennessee

I love your software. We use Super Phonics in our morning tutorial program. It is excellent for our third graders who are behind in their reading skills. These programs really keep their attention. They build the basic skills crucial to the requirements of the TAKS testing.

Gloria Payne, Title I Services
Richter Elementary, Dayton, Texas

We are using the Sight Words and Reading Comprehension programs daily. They are great for helping the kids develop automaticity. The Essential Skills programs correlate well with state standards. This software gives the kids the basic skills to prepare them for the state wide TAKS test at 3rd grade level.

Connie Smith, Title I Teacher
Simms Elementary, Bridge City, Texas

We use Super Phonics, Sight Words and Reading Comprehension a couple of times a week with our Title I children. We also use the software as a reward for our classrooms if the children have kept up with all their assignments. The children are making measurable progress using the software and the skills in the programs correlate well with VSOL.

Sherry Hale, Title I Teacher
North Tazewell Elementary, Tazewell, Virginia

I use the Super Phonics and Sight Words programs with different groups of children everyday. This is great supplemental material to our Houghton Mifflin intervention program. It is closely aligned with the curriculum. These programs offer a wide variety of auditory, visual and tactile learning activities. There are great sound blending activities throughout the phonics program. The Sight Words program really helps develop fluency. The children would use this software all the time if they could. They never tire of it!

Mary Norton, Title I Teacher
Clover Creek Elementary, Tacoma, Washington

Our remedial readers benefit greatly from using this software daily. I have noticed an increase in their reading fluency since using Sight Words from Essential Skills Software.

Judy Jerden, Title I Teacher
Jane Lew Elementary, Jane Lew, West Virginia

We use your programs everyday. We are very happy with the success that the kids have been having. I recommend your software to others whenever I can. I have even suggested it at the state level. The value of the programs for the price is unmatchable. I want to purchase all of your programs when I have more funding available. Your customer service is excellent and I have never needed your technical support.

Barbara Deal, Title I Teacher
Sherman Elementary, Comfort, West Virginia

We use these programs all the time. The kids like them and they are very student and teacher friendly. The programs are colorful and the skill activities are age and learning appropriate. They provide a good variety of time tested practices for building literacy skills.

Linda Rader, Title I Teacher
Cherry River Elementary, Richwood, West Virginia