This is one of our favorite software companies. We use their programs consistently with our children. We are observing a measurable gain in our students' reading progress and that can be attributed in part to the programs from Essential Skills.

Marcia Barber, Principal
Principal, Principal, Utah

My children and I just love the programs. I use them all of the time with my students. These programs are clearly designed by teachers who understand how to motivate children and maximize their learning.

Anna Lee, Grade One Teacher
Hawthorne Elementary, Salt Lake City, Utah

We've been using this software for several years. It doesn't waste time; it's easy to follow and keeps track of each student's progress. We have recommended it to all the other schools in our district.

Laurie Ritchie, Computer Teacher
Wasatch Elementary, Ogden, Utah

We have found Essential Skills programs to be more useful than any other educational software. They really focus on building skills in a fun but serious way and very little time is wasted. It has been very beneficial to the literacy development of our students.

Nanette Allen, Resource Teacher
Oakdale Elementary, Sandy, Utah

We use the programs with students from K-6. Our younger children are doing particularly well in the Phonemic Awareness and Math programs. The spotlight is on developing skills but immediate reinforcement is great for the children… very rewarding.

Michelle Stewart-Chavez, Resource Teacher
Foothills Elementary, Riverton, Utah

The Reading Comprehension programs from Essential Skills Software give our students another format from which to read and answer questions. They are enjoyable to the students and at the same time great skill builders. We are very pleased with the results.

Diana McKay, Literacy Specialist
Butler Elementary School, Salt Lake City, Utah

Our teachers are very happy with Essential Skills and use it daily with K-2. The programs are self paced and easy to use. Higher level kids move up a grade and lower level kids can move down. Our students like the feedback of being able to see what they have completed. The skills are aligned with our curriculum and it is easy to adapt the programs to what is being taught in the classroom.

Wendy Zumwalt, Computer Lab Assistant
Three Falls Elem., Hurricane, Utah

The second grade teachers at Lehi love the programs from Essential Skills. They challenge students that need the challenge and are helpful for the children that need the help to work independently at their own level. The children love the programs and their enthusiasm for them doesn't diminish over time. We also use the programs as an intervention tool to help the students become more proficient with their comprehension and vocabulary skills.

Kathy Ferre, Grade Two Teacher
Lehi Elementary, Lehi, Utah