We use Super Phonics, Sight Words and Reading Comprehension a couple of times a week with our Title I children. We also use the software as a reward for our classrooms if the children have kept up with all their assignments. The children are making measurable progress using the software and the skills in the programs correlate well with VSOL.

Sherry Hale, Title I Teacher
North Tazewell Elementary, Tazewell, Virginia

We love the programs. I have been using them for tutoring and the kids have improved the way we hoped. The installation was simple and quick and we started using the programs immediately.

Tara Hostetler, Teacher
Blueridge Christian School, Bridgewater, Virginia

These programs are great! I use at least one of the Essential Skills programs every day. Most definitely the children are benefiting. The skills taught in the literacy software correlate highly with the state standards. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Shannon Noble, Teacher
Rocky Gap Elementary, Rocky Gap, Virginia

Our teachers thoroughly approve of and love Essential Skills Software. The programs are just fantastic! They are very thorough in going through the math and reading processes and in reinforcing the skills. It is very rewarding for the students and they are making measurable gains from using these programs. We use the software to reinforce the skills and to backup what the teachers have taught in preparation for the VSOL.

Linda Ross, Technology Assistant
Chincoteague Elementary, Chincoteague, Virginia

Sight Words is a program that I really found to be beneficial in my first grade so we ordered it for the full lab. This software is the answer to teaching sight word recognition skills. The repetition and feedback from the program was excellent. It has a very effective reward and reinforcement system. It is very well organized and easy for the children to understand.

Sylvia Coleman, Grade One Teacher
Boydton Elementary, Boydton, Virginia

I use Reading Comprehension once or twice a week with students having reading difficulties. It is an important part of their reading program. This software is great for reinforcing the skills that need to be strengthened. The Reading Comprehension programs are having a significant positive impact on the students' reading ability.

Adonno Moreno, Reading Specialist
Sweethaven Christian Academy, Portsmouth City, Virginia

The Essential Skills programs are really great! I see an improvement when the children have been using the software for even a short while. I have seen obvious improvements in the word recognition skills of the children who have been using the Sight Words program. Navigating the programs and printing reports is a breeze.

Christine Majette, Technology Teacher
Nottoway Elementary, Sedlay, Virginia

I use the High-Low Reading Programs with my remedial kids in grades six and seven. The kids really enjoy the programs and have been gaining confidence. I am so pleased with their improvement.

Julia Todd, Remedial Teacher
Jolliff Middle School, Chesapeake, Virginia

Our first grade teachers were looking for a computer based program to help improve the students' sight word vocabulary and spelling. We purchased a site license for the Essential Skills: Sight Words program and installed it for student use on the classroom computers as well as in the lab. The students immediately benefitted from the program and responded well to the positive feedback. We were so happy that our students' sight word recognition and spelling increased that we purchased the Sight Words 2 program.

Cathy Iadeluca, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Nokesville Elementary, Virginia

We used the Essential Skills math programs in our Grade 4 after school tutoring program. The students always enjoyed working on them and the variety of activities kept them interested. Our tutoring program required pre and post testing. We saw improved scores and in some cases dramatically improved scores at the conclusion of this program.

Beth Perry, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Richmond County Schools, Virginia