I absolutely love Essential Skills programs. They teach skills very sequentially and don't have a lot of bells and whistles. They really reinforce what we do in the classroom. The kids are very independent on the programs. I am moving to a brand new school and will be ordering the programs for that school.

Katharyn McDonnell, Special Education
Peter Kirk Elementary, Kirkland, Washington

Essential Skills programs are used everyday by our Primary & ELL teachers. The programs were also well received when I was in the Kent School District. The students take to the programs like ducks to water! They are very self-engaging. The programs take no introduction. It is an effortless way have the children practice and reinforce important skills and saves valuable time for the teachers.

Sherrie Conway, Grades 3-5 Teacher
Silver Lake Elementary, Federal Way, Washington

I use the Super Phonics and Sight Words programs with different groups of children everyday. This is great supplemental material to our Houghton Mifflin intervention program. It is closely aligned with the curriculum. These programs offer a wide variety of auditory, visual and tactile learning activities. There are great sound blending activities throughout the phonics program. The Sight Words program really helps develop fluency. The children would use this software all the time if they could. They never tire of it!

Mary Norton, Title I Teacher
Clover Creek Elementary, Tacoma, Washington

We use Essential Skills Software regularly. They are used in 1st and 2nd grade extensively. We assess the students as they go along and have seen real growth. We love the programs.

Brian Heinzerling, Teacher
Parkway Elementary, Clarkston, Washington

We are excited about ESS programs and use them daily.

Laura Creekman, Teacher
Bernice Vossbeck Elementary, Lynden, Washington

We use Essential Skills programs as a supplement to the classroom curriculum. We are working with struggling math students and they enjoy the programs.

Candy Hagen, Teacher
Mansfield School, Mansfield, Washington

Title I reading students are using ESS programs twice a week. We have seen pretty substantial growth in their number of words per minute. I really think it is working! The programs maintain their interest. I am also impressed at how their typing skills have improved.

Miriam Mehl, Teacher
Whitney Elementary, Anacortes, Washington

ESS Sight Words is used daily by our students from pre-school to grade one and we are seeing terrific gains.

Cathy Thackery, Teacher
Peshastin-Dryden Elementary, Peshastin, Washington

Using programs from Essential Skills allows us to assign units of work specific to the skill that is required. The skills reflect and reinforce the classroom program. Our children love using Essential Skills and are able to work independently and at their own level. I would highly recommend these programs to other teachers.

Linda Lawrence, Para Educator
Lakes Elementary, Olympia, Washington