Common Support Issues

[OSX Only] Receiving the error message that the Setup file is damaged and should be moved to the Trash.

This is caused by a security setting for OSX versions 10.8 and up.

The setting is under System Preferences, Security and Privacy and is under the General Tab. The setting is named “Allow Applications Downloaded From”. You must set this to “Anywhere” to trust other applications. You can change this setting back after the software has been installed.

Receiving the error message, “”Encountered Unexpected Condition, Will try to continue. Error writing to database”.

The program is trying to create a database folder and isn’t being allowed by the operating system. You will need to change your User permissions for “C:\Program Files\Essential Skills v5\” folder or the folder you have chosen to install our software. You will need administrative control of your computer to change these settings.

How to change permissions.

Encountered Unexpected Condition. Error Logged. Will try to continue. Null.

This error is usually associated with a permissions issue.

How to change permissions.

Some workstations are not displaying the same class lists as the rest.

Some workstations might be configured to use a different database than the others.

The shared database location is configured by running the Admin Tools and then clicking the Change Database button. Take note of the “Location” folder path and ensure that all of your workstations are using the same shared folder on your server for your students’ marks.

I am entering the license number correctly, but I still get the message “Invalid License! Please try again”.

Make sure that the school name displayed at the bottom of the licensing screen is an exact match to the school name on your licensing documentation. This includes capital letters and spacing.

The school name can be changed running the Admin Tools and then clicking the School button..