In this configuration, the software is installed on each individual workstation but the student data is kept on a central server. This ensures the programs load quickly, since a copy is kept on each client computer, but also that the students can use the programs from any computer – and that students’ marks are collected in a single place for reporting.

To install Essential Skills software so that it runs directly from the client, with student data stored on the server:

  1. Install the software on your server from the CD/DVD:
    1. Insert CD/DVD into your computer.
    2. Locate and run the Setup/Install file on the CD-ROM/DVD.
    3. Enter the license code found in your CD/DVD packaging.
  2. Configure the software to keep student data in a single central location:
    1. Create a shared folder on your server for student data. This must be within mapped or mounted volume on each student’s workstation. See below for directions on creating a mounted volume.
    2. Using the Marks Manager, set the software to use the shared folder in its mounted volume as the student database location. Please see the instruction manual for your program for detailed instructions on this step. In the Basic Skills SE programs, the student database location is configured by clicking the ‘Databases’ button under the ‘Settings’ menu tab.

To map a network drive on a PC:

  • Right click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Map Network Drive’.
  • Browse to your shared folder on the server and click ‘OK’.

To mount a volume on a Mac:

  • Select ‘Network’ from the ‘Go’ menu in your finder.
  • Browse to your shared folder and double click on the folder (make sure to use the SMB file system).

Note: The software will not function properly unless it has unrestricted permissions to its program and data folders. See the permissions guide for more information.