Problem: An error message “Cannot open files with native methods” or “java.io.exception” is displayed.
Solution: This is usually caused by the permissions setup. Make sure your student accounts have “full control” or “read and write access” to all the program folders and files. If you are not sure whether your problem is caused by permissions, try using the software after logging into the workstation with an administrative account. If the software works from an administrative login but not a student login, correcting the permissions will likely fix it. See the permissions guide for more information.

Problem: Some workstations are not displaying the same class lists as the rest.
Solution: Some workstations are configured to use a different database than the others. Take note of the database location on one of the computers that is working properly, then input that setting to each of the other computers. Please see the instruction manual for your program for detailed instructions on configuring the database location. In the Basic Skills SE programs, the student database location is configured by running the Marks Manager and then clicking the “Databases” button under the “Settings” menu tab. Run the Marks Manager from a workstation that has the correct students. Select “Settings” from the menu and click on “Databases”. Take note of the “Shared data” folder path and ensure that all of your workstations are using the same server folder for your students’ marks.