Teachers and educators focused on young students know the significant impact a comprehensive and well-structured reading program can have on students. This is especially true for kindergarten-aged students, who arrive in class with varying levels of ability and exposure to reading materials. There are many options available to help guide students through their academic journey. The key is finding the best reading programs for kindergarten.

reading programs for kindergarten

What Are the Qualities to Look for in the Best Online Reading Program for Kindergarten?

Without developing a strong foundation in reading ability and comprehension, a student’s future learning potential will be drastically diminished. The right reading program will have a huge impact on developing the foundational skills necessary for future success in school and beyond. Finding the right reading program is critical. The obvious question is, what are the best reading programs for kindergarten students?  At kindergarten age the first key competencies should include the ability to identify letters, match letters to their appropriate sound, and to be able to recognize and use a base number of vocabulary words. A well-structured reading program will include a variety of lessons; these include teaching vocabulary, helping foster a solid reading comprehension capability, being able to speak and use words properly, rudimentary writing skills, and more. While all of these lessons should be integrated into classroom curriculum, the best programs can also include a number of reading activities for kindergarten students to do at home.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to reading programs for kindergarten. The composition of each class is different with each new school year. However, there are some characteristics that should be found in any reading program targeting kindergarten students.  For example, a great reading program should be built using the most current research on teaching children reading skills, it should include systematic reading instruction that can be easily integrated into the curriculum, and it should include contingencies and solid plans for teaching students who have reading disabilities. Addressing the reality that students all have a variety of learning styles is also an important feature of the best online reading programs for kindergarten. Essential Skills reading programs include a wide variety of auditory, visual, and tactile typing activities to support different learning styles.

Key Components of Effective Reading Instruction

There are many concepts that can be integrated into reading instruction programs to maximize their effectiveness.  These include the following:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency With Text
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

Measuring success of any reading program for kindergarten will be based on each student’s skills and abilities. This presents a challenge for teachers trying to implement a reading program into the daily curriculum that meets each student’s individual needs.

Essential Skills programs teach skills gradually and sequentially beginning with the most basic concepts. This ensures that students at all levels experience success. Program pretests individualize instruction for each student and reading skills are taught using a variety of multi-sensory activities for different learning styles. Exploring the programs offered by Essential Skills is a great starting point for teachers and educators looking to individualize reading instruction and implement a successful reading program in the classroom.