We’re surrounded by technology and this generation of children will never know of a time without it. Parents, teachers, and academic scholars are finding ways to embrace this advancement in education technology to enhance the learning process and equip children with the necessary skills needed for the future.

Reading programs for kindergarten

Online reading programs for kindergarten children became increasingly popular during the pandemic. One of many things the pandemic has taught us is that digital methods of learning and working is the only way forward. And, that’s why online kindergarten reading programs have become an essential part of reading lessons both at home and in the classroom.

Learning to read and write is critical to any child’s success in school and after. Although reading and writing skills continue to develop throughout one’s life, the early years play the most important role. Building and strengthening the foundation in the early years can help set up children for success. Let’s look at some of the building blocks of reading covered by Essential Skills software –

Readiness Skills

Developing readiness skills is more complicated than just knowing ABCs. Teaching children to learn shapes, colors, letters, numbers, and pictures with visual and audio cues are important for kindergarten readiness. Readiness Skills provides early learners with the foundational skills needed to begin their reading journey with confidence.

Phonemic Awareness

The definition of phonemic awareness refers to the specific ability to focus on and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words. Phonemes are the smallest units comprising spoken language. Essential Skills Phonemic Awareness program teaches 38 different phoneme sounds, how to isolate these sounds in words, as well as phoneme addition, deletion, and substitution. Developing phonemic awareness using effective teaching strategies is a strong predictor of long-term reading and spelling success for children.


Super Phonics is a research-based reading program for kindergarten through grade 2 that progresses students from learning the alphabet to reading complete sentences using systematic and explicit phonics instruction.

Sight Words

Sight Words is a great supplement to the early reading support provided by Super Phonics. Sight words help increase a child’s familiarity with high-frequency words such as ‘the’, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’ etc. Helping children memorize sight words makes reading much easier as the child already recognizes these words and can focus their efforts to learn new words.

Reading Comprehension

Early Reader Primer online reading program for kindergarten uses fully illustrated and patterned stories to teach early reading comprehension skills to young learners.

Essential Skills software provides over 70 programs developed by experienced classroom teachers to help children navigate through their formative years with ease. Online reading programs for kindergarten from Essential Skills provide teachers with the comprehensive curriculum tools they need to support any modern-day classroom or virtual learning experience. Learn more about kindergarten reading programs from Essential Skills.