Educators appreciate that every student is different, and we all learn at different rates of progression and in different ways. This is particularly true in the Special Ed classroom where each student requires a professionally developed learning program that can be configured to support individualized instruction. Reading programs for special education provide teachers with a comprehensive system of instruction that was developed specifically for Special Ed students.

Reading software that incorporates an integrated assessment feature can help to ensure that every Special Education student receives an individualized learning program tailored to their specific needs. Following an initial pretest, Essential Skills reading programs for special education automatically assign a custom program that targets the specific learning gaps of every student.

Whether you are using Essential Skills reading programs for special education high school students, or to support younger primary learners, you will be able to easily provide each student with the individualized learning experience they need to succeed.

Reading programs for special education

Why Choose Essential Skills Reading Programs for Special Education?

Reward & Reinforcement: When students receive immediate rewards and reinforcement with every correct answer, they naturally strive to reach the next goal.  Many students with special needs respond very well and are highly motivated by a reward system, making research-based reading programs for special education a valuable resource in the Special Ed classroom.

Minimal Distraction: Reading programs for special education should be engaging without a lot of unnecessary distractions. Essential Skills programs provide focused instruction with minimal distraction to help keep students on task and learning.

All Ages & Levels of Learning

Teachers prefer research-based reading software that allows the flexibility to individualize each students’ learning experience.  It is important to choose professionally developed programs with a variety of themes and reward types, to appeal to and engage students of all ages. Reading programs for special education high school students are very well-received and even adult learners benefit from Essential Skills reading and math programs.

All Learning Styles

A variety of auditory, visual, and tactile activities ensures that our research-based reading programs for special education appeal to a wide range of skills, and to students at almost any level of ability. When skills are presented gradually and sequentially in a logical progression, this helps to guarantee success for all students, regardless of learning style or ability level.

Essential Skills programs take the guesswork out of finding the right reading programs for special education. Whereas most programs use one or two activities to reinforce a skill, our programs present between five and ten activities utilizing various approaches for all learners. It is this repetition that helps to ensure standards mastery for every student. If you are looking for research-based reading programs for your special education students, Essential Skills should be at the top of your list.

Our reading programs are developed by Special Education teachers for students with special needs and are grounded in proven research.