I've meant to let your company know for quite some time how much I love your Sight Words software. Our principal ordered this for me several years ago, and it has been a wonderful investment. This is the best software for self-paced sight word instruction I've ever seen. The kids love it...it is multi-level and they can progress at their own speed. This software works well when new kids come to my class from other schools where they may be behind in sight word acquisition. It helps them catch up fast. I've also found it very useful for ESL kids. Best of all, the kids love it! We call it "the rainbow game."

Tracy Hastings, National Board Certified Teacher
Jones Elementary School, Jones, Oklahoma

We are very pleased with the programs from Essential Skills. Super Phonics is used extensively throughout the building. It is extremely beneficial to our children. The skills correlate well to the curriculum and the technical support that I've received has been fantastic It is obviously software that has been designed by educators. It really gets to the heart of learning. The computer can be a great learning tool and ESS meets the criteria. We also have an ELL student that greatly speeded up his language acquisition using Super Phonics. I am completely sold on your programs!

Jennetta Koester, Library/Media Specialist
Will Rogers Elementary School, Edmond, Oklahoma

We purchased one of the High-Low reading programs and have used it with children from first through fifth grade. The program is very helpful to the children in second grade. They get very excited about using the program. A number of my fifth grade ELL students have made dramatic gains using the program. Other schools in our district are also having great success with the programs from Essential Skills. I would certainly recommend the High-Low Readers to other teachers.

Peggy Brissey, 5th Grade Teacher
Roy Clark Elementary, Tulsa, Oklahoma

We are really excited about the programs from Essential Skills. They are exactly what we needed. The students love the programs and find them fun and motivating. The teachers like being able to go into the marks manager and get reports to use in parent conferencing. I'm a great believer in your products!

Deborah Forest, Principal
Principal, Principal, Oklahoma

I have used this software on a weekly basis for the past three years with my Title I students. My kids really enjoy working through the different activities in the programs. The combination of auditory, visual and tactile approaches is great for my kids. I like the ease of use for the children, as well as the repetition and reinforcement of each concept. The skills taught in these programs very much complement my classroom curriculum.

Debbie Collins, Title I Coordinator
Adair School, Adair, Oklahoma

Essential Skills programs are used heavily in 1st and 2nd grade. I also use them in Special Ed. We love the programs.

Donna Olinger, Teacher
Twin Hills School, Okmulgee, Oklahoma

In our school Essential Skills programs are used twice a week by grades 1, 2, and 3 and also Ells (English Language Learners). We find Phonemic Awareness especially helpful.

Laurie Locke, Teacher
Mustang Elementary, Mustang, Oklahoma

We use Essential Skills programs especially for Reading Sufficiency. They are used in the regular classroom and our students have made significant gains. This software is well thought out highly motivational and obviously designed by people who understand how to teach children the basic skills.

Katherine Kuntz, Teacher
Hugh Bish Elementary, Lawton, Oklahoma

Comprehension skills have improved and we have also seen gains in vocabulary among our students.

Charlotte Hendrickson, Teacher
Central Elementary, Wynnewood, Oklahoma

I was using Essential Skills programs while teaching Special Ed. They were definitely a benefit to the students to reinforce and maintain the skills they had learned.

Geneva Johnson, Teacher
Ator Heights Elementary, Owasso, Oklahoma
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