To install Essential Skills software so that it runs from a server, with student data shared among all client workstations:

  1. Install the software on your server from the DVD:
    1. Insert DVD into your computer.
    2. Locate and run the Setup/Install file on the DVD-ROM.
    3. Enter the license code(s) found in your DVD packaging.
  2. Ensure the installation folder is a mapped or mounted volume on your student’s workstations
  3. Copy a shortcut/alias to your student’s desktop from the server.

In this configuration, all the program media files are served from the single server. On some networks, this may be too slow when many students are using the software at once. In that case, see the client / server setup instructions.

Note: The software will not function properly unless it has unrestricted permissions to its program and data folders. See the permissions guide for more information.