We use Essential Skills Software as supplement to the main curriculum. These programs have been very beneficial to our students. They are great skill building programs.

Jill Steen, Resource Teacher
Alvord Elementary, Alvord, Texas

The Essential Skills programs correlate directly to the state standards and prepare our students for the benchmark tests. We are using these programs daily throughout our primary classes. Our students love the software and they are really benefiting.

Valenda Brown, Grade Two Teacher
Patton Elementary School, Austin, Texas

Your programs are awesome. We are using them with our ESL students. They love the programs and we are seeing significant gains in their reading skills.

Karen Brown, ESL and Reading Teacher
Highland Park Elementary, Amarillo, Texas

I love your software. We use Super Phonics in our morning tutorial program. It is excellent for our third graders who are behind in their reading skills. These programs really keep their attention. They build the basic skills crucial to the requirements of the TAKS testing.

Gloria Payne, Title I Teacher Services
Richter Elementary, Dayton, Texas

We use Essential Skills daily in our Special Ed. and resource programs. It reinforces SDAA and helps with IEP objectives. The students really enjoy the software and of course that makes it very effective.

Beverly Box, Resource and Special Ed.
Carrizo Springs Elementary, Carrizo Springs, Texas

My computer classes use Essential Skills Software on a regular basis in the lab. These programs are excellent skill builders and the reports are very helpful in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the students.

Marla Gaines, Computer Teacher
Cumby Elementary, Cumby, Texas

We are using the Sight Words and Reading Comprehension programs daily. They are great for helping the kids develop automaticity. The Essential Skills programs correlate well with state standards. This software gives the kids the basic skills to prepare them for the state wide TAKS test at 3rd grade level.

Connie Smith, Title I Teacher
Simms Elementary, Bridge City, Texas

We are using Essential Skills. It is wonderful. We use these programs for tutorials and remediation. The programs are very user friendly and the children always know where they left off. The students love these programs and can't wait to use them.

Carol Mauch, Grade Two Teacher
East Cliff Elementary, Portland, Texas

I am currently using your programs and have found them to be very effective. The multi-level aspect of the program is truly wonderful for my needs. I use the custom spelling program all of the time for review of the story words that I introduce. So few programs let you put in your own words so easily!

Linda Cushman, Teacher
John C. Webb Elementary, Navasota, Texas

I have used programs from Essential Skills with my students for several years. I like the way these programs teach the skills in a progressive, sequential, step by step way. They are easy for the children to use and they seem confident and motivated when using the programs. These programs are great for building and reinforcing vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

Ms Diane Wann, Resource Teacher
Allen Elementary, Houston, Texas

I teach in the computer lab and Essential Skills programs are my favorites. I use them with our K through 3rd grade students on a daily basis. I love the variety for the kids and the way it keeps them motivated. The programs include an excellent range of skills, offering more than is required by the curriculum. They allow the children to work at their own level and pace and provide more basic skills practice than the children would typically get.

Kelly Rathburn, Computer Lab Assistant
O.M. Roberts Elementary, Lake Jackson, Texas

We have used Essential Skills every day for the past couple of years. The children enjoy using the programs and they get excited about working on them. They are aligned with our curriculum and offer excellent value. The children are motivated by the programs and they enjoy the independent and individualized learning experience that the programs provide. Everyone really likes this software.

Debbie Allen, Computer Lab Assistant
Belmar Elementary, Amarillo, Texas

I use the Sight Words and Phonemic Awareness software daily with my students. I like the skills that they teach and the programs are a good supplement to reinforce my classroom curriculum. They are very interactive and the students are motivated by the fast pace and variety of interesting activities. The programs allow the students to learn independently at their own level and pace. The marking and reporting system is easy to use. I highly recommend this software!

Jacque Baker, Reading Resource Teacher
Austin Elementary, Weatherford, Texas

We use Sight Words every day with our K-2 students. It is easy for the children to use and allows them to work independently at their own instructional level. It covers all of the important sight word skills and is highly effective at teaching these words to children. Essential Skills Sight Words is the main program that we use for teaching sight word recognition at our school.

Carrie Rollins, Grade One Teacher
La Mesa Elementary, Plainview, Texas

I use Super Phonics with the Kindergarteners, Phonemic Awareness with the grade ones and Grammar with the grade two students. The programs allow the advanced kids to move along quicker and the slower kids to work at their own pace, so that no one is being held back. The programs individualize the instruction for each student. The children are definitely learning the skills they need to be successful readers from using these programs.

Sunny Henry, Computer Lab Teacher
A P Beutel Elementary, Brazosport, Texas

I use Essential Skills with bilingual children and Special Ed. students on a daily basis. I have definitely seen an improvement in their reading and phonetic skills. The programs provide individualized and independent learning and guide the students through each level.

Noemi Espinoza, Resource Inclusion Teacher
Antonio M. Ochoa Elementary, Donna, Texas

Personally, I love the Essential Skills programs. I used them mainly for remediation, I really like Readiness Skills and Phonemic Awareness for first and second grade students with early reading difficulties. These programs definitely help the students learn the skills required for early reading. They are in alignment with our reading curriculum and teach the children the basics. That is what I am really looking for. As a bonus the children really look forward to being on these programs.

Caroline Stone, Grade 2 Teacher
O’Shea Keleher Elementary, ElPaso, Texas

I use your software all the time to supplement my program. Your software offers great practice and reinforcement for specific skills. The programs are very user friendly and my LD children have no difficulty working independently. They love the reward system and the feedback they get after each lesson. I see their test results improve weekly and really like the tracking and reporting features of the Essential Skills programs. It is easy to produce progress reports that can be shared with parents and teachers.

Andrea Colbert, Resource Teacher
Mayes Elementary, Denison, Texas

The programs from Essential Skills provide comprehensive practice and reinforcement of basic, essential math and reading skills. I am using these programs daily with students of all ability levels from Grade One up to high school. Even my most reluctant learners like these programs because they are able to work independently at their own level and meet with success each step of the way. I am able to split my class into two groups and have half the class work in a focused and independent way on Essential Skills while I provide instruction for a smaller group.

Marianela Ramos, Special Education Teacher
United South High School, Laredo, Texas

We use the Essential Skills programs twice each week with our grade one, two and three students. We really enjoy these programs. The phonics and reading programs are very comprehensive in all areas. They provide excellent supplementary reinforcement and practice for our classroom curriculum. All children regardless of ability level are able to work independently at their own level.

Sharon Wilbanks, Computer Teacher
Harmony Elementary, San Antonio, Texas

The Essential Skills programs are used with all of our students and are also one of our main interventions. They are widely used at all grade levels with perhaps 300-400 children weekly. They are being successfully used in the after school program with children who have attention problems. These programs keep the kids focused. Even at the end of the day when they are tired they are still very engaged with the programs. Our children have been making steady progress in their reading test scores and we attribute some of this progress to Super Phonics, Sight Words and Reading Comprehension from Essential Skills. These programs are very versatile for all students regardless of ability. They are even used for enrichment with some of our Kindergarten and grade one children.

Dana Chamberlain, Grade One Team Leader
Dr. Joe Ward Elementary, San Antonio, Texas

The programs from Essential Skills are very effective skill based programs. We like that the programs are self driven and that the students can work independently, no matter what level they are at. When used in combination with our other teaching tools they are very effective. We are very pleased with this software!

Nicki Adams, Grade Four Teacher
Hedley Consolidated, Hedley, Texas

I have used several Essential Skills programs and I know how excellent they are at reinforcing the basic skills. The software is basically designed to reach all learning modalities. Children at any ability level can work independently on them.

Julia Peter, Resource Teacher
Roosevelt Elementary, Houston, Texas

These programs are very effective for RTI tier 2 and 3 students providing lots of extra practice and repetition in the basic skills. All of my students love these programs and work independently at their own level and pace. Essential Skills is like having another teacher in the room to provide individualized instruction. The reports are easy to access and you can see at a glance how students are progressing through the skills.

Susan Delaney, Resource Teacher
Sidney Lanier Elementary, Dallas, Texas

Both our teachers and students like the programs from Essential Skills. The children love that the graphics, colors and backgrounds are always changing and there are lots of different types of reinforcement. The teachers like the depth of the content and that the skills reflect what is being taught in the classroom. The programs represent very good value for the money. Also, the tech department people are available, supportive and helpful.

Nancy Olson, Technology Facilitator
Deer Creek Elementary, Crowley, Texas

We like the flash drive/memory stick version of the Essential Skills programs because they are portable and the entire program is stored and run from them. These programs offer most of the skills my students need in Language Arts. The students love using the programs and never complain about their time with Essential Skills. This is a reasonably priced learning tool that is making a difference for my students.

Sharon Thomas, Reading Specialist
Commonwealth Elementary, Sugar Land, Texas

We love your software and have used it daily for many years in Sp. Ed. and in the regular classroom. It is appropriate for children at all levels. Every child, regardless of ability can be successful and work independently. I have never had a child get bored with these programs. One boy used to miss three days per week and since he started on Essential Skills he shows up early every day to work on the computer. The children are actually learning the skills they need.

Kathleen Moore, Special Education Teacher
Pine Forest Elementary, Vidor, Texas

The Essential Skills programs thoroughly cover all the basic skills in each subject area at each grade level. The kids enjoy these programs and when they enjoy doing a program with basic academic skills they are going to learn from it. We would highly recommend this software.

Brenda Tubbs, Computer Lab Assistant
Northwest Elementary, Brownwood, Texas

We use Essential Skills programs daily. The children really enjoy their time on Essential Skills and are quickly mastering their math facts with the Mad Minute math. These programs are engaging and easy to use. Also, there is great tech support backing up this dependable software.

Denise Salmon, Curriculum Technologist
Crestview Elementary, Wolfforth, Texas

We use Essential Skills every day. Our first and second graders love it. Our students can practice the skills that they need regardless of their ability level. These programs give immediate feedback, great reinforcement and track student progress. I would rate this software a ten out of ten and look forward to purchasing more.

Elenor Maldonado, Computer Lab Teacher
Alarcon Elementary, San Elizario, Texas

We use Essential Skills daily in the reading lab with our students. These programs are very user friendly and easy to use. The activities are designed for all the learning modalities and they reinforce the skills being taught in the classroom. On a scale from 1-10 I would rate this software a 10.

Debbie Qualls, Title I Teacher Reading Coord.
Spring Hill Primary School, Longview, Texas

I love the software from Essential Skills. There is lots of practice with a variety of activities utilizing different learning styles for each concept taught. The children definitely are benefitting from learning with these programs. The programs are easy to use and provide valuable progress reports. The children like it because of the great reinforcement and the fact that they can work independently at their own level and pace.

Anita Francis, Special Education Teacher
South Belt Elementary, Houston, Texas

Essential skills programs are very much aligned with our curriculum. The programs are very comprehensive in their coverage of basic skills for Language Arts and Math. The teachers bring their students to the lab and assign the program and skills that are currently being covered in their classroom.

Elasa Ochoa, Computer Lab Aide
Yorktown Elementary, Yorktown, Texas

Texas, Results

The programs are very user friendly and my LD children have no difficulty working independently. I see their test results improve weekly and really like the tracking and reporting features of the Essential Skills programs.

Andrea Colbert
Resource Teacher

Our children have been making steady progress in their reading test scores and we attribute some of this progress to Super Phonics, Sight Words and Reading Comprehension from Essential Skills.

Dana Chamberlain
Grade One Team Leader