I have used programs from Essential Skills with my students for several years. I like the way these programs teach the skills in a progressive, sequential, step by step way. They are easy for the children to use and they seem confident and motivated when using the programs. These programs are great for building and reinforcing vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

Ms Diane Wann, Resource Teacher
Allen Elementary, Houston, Texas

I teach in the computer lab and Essential Skills programs are my favorites. I use them with our K through 3rd grade students on a daily basis. I love the variety for the kids and the way it keeps them motivated. The programs include an excellent range of skills, offering more than is required by the curriculum. They allow the children to work at their own level and pace and provide more basic skills practice than the children would typically get.

Kelly Rathburn, Computer Lab Assistant
O.M. Roberts Elementary, Lake Jackson, Texas

We have used Essential Skills every day for the past couple of years. The children enjoy using the programs and they get excited about working on them. They are aligned with our curriculum and offer excellent value. The children are motivated by the programs and they enjoy the independent and individualized learning experience that the programs provide. Everyone really likes this software.

Debbie Allen, Computer Lab Assistant
Belmar Elementary, Amarillo, Texas

I use the Sight Words and Phonemic Awareness software daily with my students. I like the skills that they teach and the programs are a good supplement to reinforce my classroom curriculum. They are very interactive and the students are motivated by the fast pace and variety of interesting activities. The programs allow the students to learn independently at their own level and pace. The marking and reporting system is easy to use. I highly recommend this software!

Jacque Baker, Reading Resource Teacher
Austin Elementary, Weatherford, Texas

We use Sight Words every day with our K-2 students. It is easy for the children to use and allows them to work independently at their own instructional level. It covers all of the important sight word skills and is highly effective at teaching these words to children. Essential Skills Sight Words is the main program that we use for teaching sight word recognition at our school.

Carrie Rollins, Grade One Teacher
La Mesa Elementary, Plainview, Texas

I use Super Phonics with the Kindergarteners, Phonemic Awareness with the grade ones and Grammar with the grade two students. The programs allow the advanced kids to move along quicker and the slower kids to work at their own pace, so that no one is being held back. The programs individualize the instruction for each student. The children are definitely learning the skills they need to be successful readers from using these programs.

Sunny Henry, Computer Lab Teacher
A P Beutel Elementary, Brazosport, Texas

I use Essential Skills with bilingual children and Special Ed. students on a daily basis. I have definitely seen an improvement in their reading and phonetic skills. The programs provide individualized and independent learning and guide the students through each level.

Noemi Espinoza, Resource Inclusion Teacher
Antonio M. Ochoa Elementary, Donna, Texas

Personally, I love the Essential Skills programs. I used them mainly for remediation, I really like Readiness Skills and Phonemic Awareness for first and second grade students with early reading difficulties. These programs definitely help the students learn the skills required for early reading. They are in alignment with our reading curriculum and teach the children the basics. That is what I am really looking for. As a bonus the children really look forward to being on these programs.

Caroline Stone, Grade 2 Teacher
O’Shea Keleher Elementary, ElPaso, Texas

I use your software all the time to supplement my program. Your software offers great practice and reinforcement for specific skills. The programs are very user friendly and my LD children have no difficulty working independently. They love the reward system and the feedback they get after each lesson. I see their test results improve weekly and really like the tracking and reporting features of the Essential Skills programs. It is easy to produce progress reports that can be shared with parents and teachers.

Andrea Colbert, Resource Teacher
Mayes Elementary, Denison, Texas

We use the Essential Skills programs twice each week with our grade one, two and three students. We really enjoy these programs. The phonics and reading programs are very comprehensive in all areas. They provide excellent supplementary reinforcement and practice for our classroom curriculum. All children regardless of ability level are able to work independently at their own level.

Sharon Wilbanks, Computer Teacher
Harmony Elementary, San Antonio, Texas