We use Essential Skills daily in the reading lab with our students. These programs are very user friendly and easy to use. The activities are designed for all the learning modalities and they reinforce the skills being taught in the classroom. On a scale from 1-10 I would rate this software a 10.

Debbie Qualls, Title I Teacher Reading Coord.
Spring Hill Primary School, Longview, Texas

I love the software from Essential Skills. There is lots of practice with a variety of activities utilizing different learning styles for each concept taught. The children definitely are benefitting from learning with these programs. The programs are easy to use and provide valuable progress reports. The children like it because of the great reinforcement and the fact that they can work independently at their own level and pace.

Anita Francis, Special Education Teacher
South Belt Elementary, Houston, Texas

Essential skills programs are very much aligned with our curriculum. The programs are very comprehensive in their coverage of basic skills for Language Arts and Math. The teachers bring their students to the lab and assign the program and skills that are currently being covered in their classroom.

Elasa Ochoa, Computer Lab Aide
Yorktown Elementary, Yorktown, Texas