The programs from Essential Skills provide comprehensive practice and reinforcement of basic, essential math and reading skills. I am using these programs daily with students of all ability levels from Grade One up to high school. Even my most reluctant learners like these programs because they are able to work independently at their own level and meet with success each step of the way. I am able to split my class into two groups and have half the class work in a focused and independent way on Essential Skills while I provide instruction for a smaller group

Marianela Ramos, Special Education Teacher
United South High School, Laredo, Texas

We use Essential Skills daily in our Special Ed. and resource programs. It reinforces SDAA and helps with IEP objectives. The students really enjoy the software and of course that makes it very effective.

Beverly Box, Resource and Special Education
Carrizo Springs Elementary, Carrizo Springs, Texas

Your programs are awesome. We are using them with our ESL students. They love the programs and we are seeing significant gains in their reading skills.

Karen Brown, ESL and Reading Teacher
Highland Park Elementary, Amarillo, Texas

I love your software. We use Super Phonics in our morning tutorial program. It is excellent for our third graders who are behind in their reading skills. These programs really keep their attention. They build the basic skills crucial to the requirements of the TAKS testing.

Gloria Payne, Title I Services
Richter Elementary, Dayton, Texas

We are using the Sight Words and Reading Comprehension programs daily. They are great for helping the kids develop automaticity. The Essential Skills programs correlate well with state standards. This software gives the kids the basic skills to prepare them for the state wide TAKS test at 3rd grade level.

Connie Smith, Title I Teacher
Simms Elementary, Bridge City, Texas

We use Essential Skills Software as supplement to the main curriculum. These programs have been very beneficial to our students. They are great skill building programs.

Jill Steen, Resource Teacher
Alvord Elementary, Alvord, Texas

The Essential Skills programs correlate directly to the state standards and prepare our students for the benchmark tests. We are using these programs daily throughout our primary classes. Our students love the software and they are really benefiting.

Valenda Brown, Grade Two Teacher
Patton Elementary School, Austin, Texas

My computer classes use Essential Skills Software on a regular basis in the lab. These programs are excellent skill builders and the reports are very helpful in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the students.

Marla Gaines, Computer Teacher
Cumby Elementary, Cumby, Texas

We are using Essential Skills. It is wonderful. We use these programs for tutorials and remediation. The programs are very user friendly and the children always know where they left off. The students love these programs and can't wait to use them.

Carol Mauch, Grade Two Teacher
East Cliff Elementary, Portland, Texas

I am currently using your programs and have found them to be very effective. The multi-level aspect of the program is truly wonderful for my needs. I use the custom spelling program all of the time for review of the story words that I introduce. So few programs let you put in your own words so easily!

Linda Cushman, Teacher
John C. Webb Elementary, Navasota, Texas
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