The ease of use of our programs combined with clear verbal instructions throughout, allows students to work independently at their own level and pace. To make things even easier, the programs return each student to the exact point where they left off in their previous session. Installation is quick and easy, and with little-to-no learning curve for teachers and students, implementation is a breeze.

“I have received only positive feedback about the programs from the classroom teachers. They are really easy to use and we like the way that the management system works across all the programs. They are very user friendly for teachers and students.”
— Angelina Koster, Media Specialist, Eastside Elementary, Douglas, GA

“These programs were easy to install and our students began using them immediately. No training was required. I particularly like the progress reports. They are straightforward and easy to interpret.”
— Nancy Bickowitz, Teacher, Stanislaus School, Amsterdam, NY