During the school year, I have been teaching third graders in an open spaced classroom. The total number of students I service is 23. During communications time, my students learn decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, and prepare for Kansas State Assessments. To supplement the spelling series, I have been using the computer program Super Phonics Level 2.

When the students first began using Super Phonics Level 2, they had some awareness of what to do, but some had a lot of difficulty with certain sounds. I also found this to be true during spelling tests. It was at that point that I ability grouped the students into two different groups for weekly spelling tests. Super Phonics Level 2 helped my students become better acquainted with sounds, letter combinations, and short and long vowel sounds. I began to notice a significant improvement in their acquisition of phonics and reading skills.

After observing the students for several months, I could tell they were having increased success with word chunking, vowel and consonant digraphs, and blending sounds. Going to the computer lab two days a week for 20-30 minutes became a regular routine, and my students eagerly looked forward to their skill building time using Super Phonics 2.

I would highly recommend Essential Skills programs to other teachers and administrators.

Rhonda Roth
Gertrude Walker Elementary