Twenty-one learning disabled students in grades K-2 were tested in January and retested in May using the Slosson Oral Reading Test and Reading Running Records. Essential Skills Sight Words I and Sight Words II were used daily for an average of 15 minutes in conjunction with routine reading instruction.
The data below show the instructional gains from Aug-Jan compred to Jan-May after incorporating Essential Skills in my daily instruction for only five months.

Class 1: Kindergarten
Aug-Jan 0.4 Reading level
Jan-May 1.6 Reading level

Class 2: 1st grade
Aug-Jan 0.7 Reading level
Jan-May 1.9 Reading level

Class 3: 2nd grade
Aug-Jan 1.1 Reading level
Jan-May 2.9 Reading level

These programs provide the children with sequental and repeated exposure to new skills. It allows them to be involved in their own learning, monitor their own progress, and become strong independent readers.
I have been teaching reading for 15 years and have used many different types of supplemental materials. I must say I have been extremely surprised by the amount of progress my students have made in a short amount of time. Two of my students went from reading at a 0.4 reading level to a 2.0 reading level in just five months. I can contribute this success to the implementation of daily Essential Skills training because my routine reading instruction remained the same.

Teresa Anderson
Special Education National Board Certified
Moss Hill School, Kinston NC