I received Essential Skills Comprehension 1 & 2 as well as the Essential Skills Reading Assessment program.

My class of 15 students began with the assessment and scored 1.0 to 4.6 (8 scores were in the First grade range; 5 in Second; 1 in Third and 1 in Fourth.)

Following this assessment each student completed Reading Comprehension 1 and 2. (Level 1 averages were from 71 – 96% and Level 2 were 78 – 96% )

The week of May 24th I used the reading assessment again and scores ranged from 2.6 to 4.9. (4 scores for grade 2; 6 for grade 3; and 5 for grade 4!!!) Needless to say my principal and I were thrilled!…as well as the parents.

Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests were also given (the week of May 17th) and proves the success of this program. (Scores on this test range from 1.9-6.9+)

I am truly grateful for this experience…and appreciate the factual information available to share with parents. This was definitely a successful experience.

Student remarks

  • “I like the good stories.”
  • “I learned a lot.”
  • “It’s fun.”
  • “I like this better than reading a book or doing SRA.”
  • “I like all the pictures.”
  • “It’s easy to follow.”
  • “I like how we can see our scores anytime we want.”
  • “I didn’t have to ask for help…I always knew what to do!”

Teacher responses

  • “I feel my students became better independent readers because of this program.”
  • “The students were always anxious to work at a new Unit and to finish one each day. The variety of activities was great!”
  • “My students became more confident readers in all academic areas.”

Thanks for assisting teachers with a thorough program that includes a Marks Manager program, and is rewarding for all those involved!


Sister Ruth Ann LaBine, OSF
St John Nepomucerde School
Little Chute, WI