Effective literacy software from Essential Skills at Lord Nelson allows for intense daily phonological awareness, sight word training, and comprehension development. Daily use of Essential Skills software has been implemented as baseline programming in Grades 1 and 3 since September, 2003 and from Grades 1 to 6 starting September, 2004. At Lord Nelson, Educational Assistants provide support in the literacy labs and are highly skilled in the administration of all the literacy software. Guided Reading is facilitated through the Block Literacy initiative. The support and mentorship of our Early Literacy Teacher is essential in the primary division at Lord Nelson. The Lord Nelson Literacy Plan focuses on:

  • Early Literacy – JK to 3
  • Expanding our Balanced Literacy at all divisions
  • Providing Primary and Junior Teachers with opportunities to teach literacy in small groups
  • The use of instructional and assistive software

Block Literacy Timetables Lord Nelson literacy from SK-6 is scheduled into one-hour blocks. Block timetabling allows for 1/2 of the class to participate in literacy labs using Essential Skills software while 1/2 of the class receive balanced Literacy programming with their classroom teacher. After 30 minutes, the groups switch. At the SK level, half of the class participate in teacher-directed small group literacy sessions using SRA ‘Open Court’ during block literacy. At Lord Nelson we have 3 labs and one mobile laptop lab to facilitate this timetable Strategic & Specific Literacy Plan

  • Research & “Best Practices” are the foundation
  • Strategic, high quality Professional Development establishing a common language of instruction
  • Realignment of instructional day to allow for blocked literacy
  • Realignment of how support staff deliver program
  • Data used as a motivator
  • Success breeds success

Cathy Paul – Principal Lord Nelson Public School A Commitment to Enhanced Literacy