Sacramento Elementary School was a recipient of the NCLB Blue Ribbon School Award by showing significant improvement in testing scores in the past 3 years and meeting the guidelines of the NCLB Act.

There are many contributing factors to this achievement the foremost being the excellence of teachers, support of staff, and effort of students and parents. Curriculum is of major importance and one of the supporting technologies that we use in our school is Essential Skills Software.

We believe that from a curriculum perspective the Essential Skills programs had a significant role to play in achieving this award. These programs teach word recognition, phonics, grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, and math. The skills taught and/or reviewed are age appropriate, exciting to the students, and designed to recognize and address weaknesses. Students move through the program at their own pace and their progress is easily monitored. Because of the high quality, well organized skill instruction, and ease of use of the programs we have our primary students using this technology daily. We see growth and achievement as our students progress through the programs and feel Essential Skills Software plays an important role in helping our students to achieve at their highest potential.

Mrs. Judy Walker, Principal
Sacramento Elementary
Sacramento, KY