The following changes have been made from earlier versions of the Basic Skills SE software:

  • Fixes Super Phonics 2 problem with missing graphics.
  • Fixes known activity bugs in all programs.
  • Allows Intel-Based Macs to run Basic Skills Series SE programs.
  • Fixes problem with # Default # class removal or rename. It can now safely be renamed or deleted.
  • Improves Marks Manager functionality when viewing legacy databases.
  • Fixes import bug in Marks Manager – can now import students with the same name in different classes.
  • Fixes missing sounds in Reading Comprehension Levels 1, 2, and 3.
  • Fixes missing help sounds in Readiness Skills, Writing Fundamentals, Vocabulary Builder 4, and Super Phonics.
  • Fixes Click and Count activity in Mastering Numeration.
  • Fixes Compare Pictures activity in Readiness Skills.
  • Fixes Debug launchers for Measurement 2 and Measurement 3 (PC only).
  • Custom Spelling List student marks are now viewable in Marks Manager.
  • Improves Teacher List Editor functionality (move/copy functions).
  • Fixes problem with Super Phonics 2 not being able to load in some situations.
  • Fixes Marks Manager error when trying to do “Report by Date” in some situations.
  • Marks Manager can now delete/rename a student after marks have been viewed for that student.
  • Error no longer shown when repairing database using Database Backup Utility when corruption is encountered.
  • Repair function in Database Backup Utility now shows an hour-glass cursor to indicate work is progressing.